6 thoughts on “Dexter

  1. Neither can I! Dexter is the first show in a while to really blow me away. I don’t have Showtime at the moment but you bet I will be calling my cable provider before September 29th! Thanks for te heads up

  2. I know! Dexter is the MOST AMAZING show ever.

    Since you don’t have Showtime have you seen all of season one and two? Season two – kicked season one’s butt. I can’t even imagine what they will think of or come up with for season three.

    Sofa King Excited!!!

  3. I REALLY can’t wait–it seems like forever since I watched seasons 1 and 2!

    I gave the books to a friend of mine–with the warning that they are quite different from the show, which she loves. She couldn’t get too far in the books cause she said they disturbed her too much. This is one example where I think I like the show much better than the book/s. Although there are some aspects of the books I WOULD like to see in the show, like killing off some characters I can’t stand, etc. 🙂

  4. I know. I usually NEVER like the show or movie better than the books. But in THIS case? No comparison. Dexter Rules. Hands Down.

  5. IM SO EXCITED!!!!!
    Wanna order chinese food & watch it together??
    Im happy its going to be on on a Sunday!
    Can’t remember if thats when it used to come on…
    Ever since then its been All Things Dexter ON DEMAND!
    Maybe we should watch the last episode right before the premiere!!!

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