The Girls Next Door

Okay so what. I love this show. Really I hate to admit it, but that is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.


It has been rumored that this trio of ladies: Bridgette Holly & Kendra may be ‘breaking up.’ I heard from a pretty reliable source that Kendra is in talks with the producers to create her own reality TV Show about her moving OUT of The Mansion and into her own place.

Um. Wha? NO!

As much as I like Kendra (she is the athletic one, and my favorite of the thee) she moved into The Mansion when she was just 19 years old. I watched her turn 21 in Las Vegas on the E Channel. 100 % VIP style. I’ve watched her and the others travel world wide, throw lavish parties and have more fun than I could ever imagine.

I guess I couldn’t expect the trio to stay together for ever, but, who will be filling Kendra’s shoes? And what will happen to Kendra on her own? I hate change. Especially when I’ve become attached to the characters and the dynamic between them.

Once I can confirm this rumor, I will be posting more details.

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