The New Adventures of the Old Christine

CBS Mondays at 830pm

“A comedy about a single mother and owner of a “30-minute workout gym” who is the portrait of the new American mom, albeit with some unflinchingly candid points of view. For her, every day is an adventure, but life is made easier due to the fantastic relationship she shares with her ex-husband. However, everything changes when her ex’s new, younger girlfriend enters the picture, instantly complicating her life”

Thanks to the Internet and CBS, I was able to watch a full episode of this classic sitcom over the weekend. Finally, there is something to look forward to on Monday nights. It’s a freeking miracle. Monday’s, up until now, have been famous for god-awful television. It’s bad enough we have to go back to work, fight traffic, and deal with the mundane on Monday’s. Now after dinner and the dishes are done, I have something to watch without having to think, while curled up on my sofa.

First of all, Julia Louie Dreyfus, who plays the lead character of Christine (Emmy Award winner, and famous for her role as Elaine on Seinfeld), has never looked more fabulous. Second, the character Christine is a divorced single mother with the proverbial foot in mouth curse, a role well scripted as if it were meant specifically for Julia Louis Dreyfus. The lines aren’t exactly brilliant, but her delivery sure is. Third, the facial expressions and physical comedy that only Julia can deliver make the show what it is. When she laughs, you laugh. Her hair and breasts, which are used as props, could be cast members themselves.

The sitcom is filled with light-hearted humor, poking fun of relationships, marriage, divorce, ex’s, raising kids, running a business, being a semi-boozehound, dealing with “meanie moms” in snotty private schools…ya know, the things we can all relate to.

I can’t believe this show has been out for so long, and I am just now discovering it. Do yourself a favour, watch this show TONIGHT! I know I will.

5 thoughts on “The New Adventures of the Old Christine

  1. I have always found JLD to be funny, and I’m glad she’s back on TV. However, I will TiVo JLD anytime, so that I can catch Heroes live. Love that show!

  2. And I am watching it right now. I like it too. Your decription is dead on. I thought Heros was on at 9pm. Yes it is. I’m also glad to see JLD in a leading role in something ,as you said ,we can all relate to.
    I am glad you like it too.

  3. Hmmm…sounds interesting…I was out and missed it this week but I’ll be sure to catch it next week! What’s the next review???

  4. I love me some MRH and JLD…or is that JDL…no thats the Jewish Defense League from Arrested Developement, sorry.

    Yes, now that your on board the Old Christine ship lets set sail starting this weekend…we can watch all the episodes online.

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