Comedy Central’s Election Night Live Special 10pm / 9c

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The Colbert Report and Daily Show tag-team for commentary, hi-jinks and more, in this LIVE television, “fake news” event. RSVP here.

Stephen Colbert links with Jon Stewart and friends to form an awe-inspiring Indecision 2008 juggernaut. Stay sane with Comedy Central’s coverage and chat with other fans.

* Share conversation throughout the day with other Daily Show fans in the Indecision Election Day Live Chat.

* Plus, don’t forget liveblogging and the  latest breaking news and commentary. Other special election day features are on the Indecision 2008 site.

2 thoughts on “Comedy Central’s Election Night Live Special 10pm / 9c

  1. Mmmm… I wouldn’t call these two ‘fake news’. As far as I can attest to, their news are as real as they can be!

    Ok, these two guys plus Keith Olbermann 🙂

  2. I am loving that Jon Steward & Steven Colbert have teamed up to cover the election together Live.

    It’s Very. Funny. Stuff!

    And at 10pm it will be most excellent to listen to THEM deliver the results with Humor. I cant handle FOX of NBC today.

    PS:Keith Oberman is my new boyfriend.

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