When TNT says “We Know Drama”…they are not kidding.

I have to say, it takes a lot to get me hooked on a new show. I am pretty rigid with my TV schedule and I don’t often allow room for new TV ventures that come along to intrude on my TV viewing pleasure when most of them turn out to be more than a waste of my precious free time.

However, I have to HAVE to talk about the newest drama on TNT called LEVERAGE.


I watched the Commercial Free Premiere, back on December 7th, with my jaw half open for 99.9% of the show. The series follows a team of thieves, hackers and grifters who act as modern-day Robin Hoods, taking revenge against those who use power and wealth to victimize others.

Hutton plays former insurance investigator Nate Ford, a once-loyal corporate employee who had recovered millions of dollars in stolen goods for his employer. But when that employer denied his son’s insurance claims and allowed the boy to die, he realized he could no longer work for such an entity.

Out of work and descending into alcoholism, Ford is hired by an aeronautics executive to recover airplane designs the executive claims were stolen by a rival company. Helping him are four highly skilled team members: Parker, an expert thief; Alec Hardison, a specialist in Internet and computer fraud; Eliot Spencer, a high-octane “retrieval specialist” who can take out a gang of henchmen without breaking a sweat; and Sophie Devereaux, a grifter who could win awards for her acting skills during difficult scams.

At first the newly formed team is hesitant to trust each other after so many years working alone but being double-crossed changes the dynamic, ultimately forcing them to unite. They emerge from the job realizing they are far better working together than apart. Once they discover they can trust each other the group targets their cons toward the richest, the greediest and the most unjust.

I am even more psyched because TNT has given the greenlight to the thrilling, action-packed drama series. They have ordered 13 episodes of LEVERAGE, which comes to the network from Devlin’s Electric Entertainment. Devlin makes his directorial debut on the pilot, which was written by Rogers (Transformers) and Chris Downey (The King of Queens).

Do Not Miss Out On This New Show.


15 thoughts on “Leverage

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  2. it looks wonderful… but you know me,, i am still catching up on things like house and scrubs and dexter……..you always havethe best eye for good shows…

  3. Paisley:
    House, Scrubs, Dexter & 30 Rock are only The Greatest Shows EVER! But this one is a good time too. I suppose I do have a knack for finding Good TV!

    I hope it wont take that long either. I think you can watch Full Episodes of this show on TNT.COM. At least then you can check it out!

    Me Too! I am really looking forward for tonight’s episode.

  4. Just dropping in before I have to lie down again…

    Anyway, I am LOVING Leverage! It is a new fav for me. While I absolutely adore Timothy Hutton, I fell completely in love with the Eliot character when he said ‘hockey’ with a passion that rivals mine! 😉 (This was during the scene when they got to see the wall of screens in the new office.) I am so far behind in my TV watching, but I HAVE kept up with this one during my sickness.

  5. Betty:
    I would hate to waste anyone’s time…but this show is For Real worth checking out.

    Yanno…I thought of you too during that scene. I had a feeling you would enjoy this series as much as me! Feel better but dont forget this is on TONIGHT!

  6. Hi Meleah – I read your blog from time to time (it’s very well written), because you were linked to my cousin Roshan’s blog. I must admit that I love this show – my family is over visiting from the UK, and they love it too. It’s extremely well written, and the ever evolving chemistry behind the cast is superb. I sincerely hope that they keep this show going, and don’t pull the plug because it doesn’t reach some moronic television executive’s unrealistic expectations!
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Welcome to Melevision Manoj Nair!

    (Oh! I love Roshan! He is such a great guy.)

    Anyway, yes this show is fabulous. I hope it stays on TV for awhile!!!

    Feel free to swing by here anytime!

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  9. Meleah, I just read on Wikipedia that Leverage has been renewed for a 2nd season due to strong viewership. Yeehah! I just finished watching last night’s episode and thought that it was fantastic! The fact that Nate is an unabashed alcoholic just makes it even more interesting. Can’t wait to see what direction they take with Season 2 – am also very sad that there are only 3 more new episodes left in this season :o(

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