American Idol Returns

Television’s No. 1 show, American Idol, returns for its eighth season when it premieres TONIGHT.  Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, the hit series empowers viewers to discover America’s next solo singing superstar by voting for their favorites to win the coveted American Idol title.  And I am psyched about it.


I simply cannot wait to see what sort of train-wrecks appear on tonight’s TWO HOUR season premiere. I just might have to blog it live. You will be able to see my updates and immediate responses on TWITTER. Please feel free to join in!

Only G-d (And the censors at FOX) already know what kind of blog fodder, or ‘gems of wisdom’ that will come out of Paula’s Mouth.

One thought on “American Idol Returns

  1. I always wonder if this show will be cancelled but when I think of the laughs I enjoyed from watching the auditions not to mention the sheer frustration of having to listen to the judges especially Simon, when he rips those budding soloits a new one. It gives me a warm feeling inside. Well, I guess its a hit show which will remain on our screens until the next President fo Programming at Fox decides, enough! Love your site by the way.

    I will be tracking you on Twitter as you give us a blow by blow. LOL


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