American Idol – Season Premier Recap?

Who watched this?


I have so much to say about this. BUT. I dont want to ruin it for the people that have DVR-ed/TiVo-ed it and are waiting to see it for themselves.

However… I am DYING to talk about it.

See me in the comments?

7 thoughts on “American Idol – Season Premier Recap?

  1. For starters…
    The ‘Punk Rock Multi-Colored Hair Chick’ singing Barracuda was great.

    And, as much as I DESPISE admitting this…ASIDE from being known as “The Bikini Bitch” and her killer bottom? She could hold a tune.

    As for the MEN? The blind guy…had me at the first note.

    The stripped shirt dood?
    OMFG. DID YOU SEE THAT? His name was MICHAEL! He sang a Carrie Underwood song. Except that you wouldn’t know it, since he was incoherient. Um, Yeah, my new man wants to know where are the people who LOVE him? And why did they let him go on national television like that?

    Then…There was that wanna be Tommy Lee asshat? I wanted to punch him in the face.

    Through it all?
    Meleah loves when Simon rolls his eyes. Such brutal honesty.

    And. And. And….

    DID ANYONE ELSE see PAULA sing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” to an African American contestant? I almost PEED In my pants.

    No wonder they need a 4th Judge.
    (who, BTW, is awesome-ness)

  2. I am loving it. I have just finished watching the Kansas City auditions and I thought the girl who sang the Stevie Wonder song at the end (I think her name was Lil Rounds) was awesome.

    I also like the Barracuda lady from the other day. There are some great singers on board already. Can’t wait to see more….

  3. I haven’t watched the Kansas City auditions yet, but I don’t mind being spoiled. As for Phoenix: Highlight: watching Ryan give a high five to a blind guy (and then grab his hand to make him do the high five—I’m sure blind people love it when you do that). Lowlight: Whatshername in the bikini. Awful. I can’t wait till she gets ripped to shreds in Hollywood.

  4. Selma:
    Me too!

    Yeah yeah.

    LOL @ Ryan Secrest and the blind guy!
    But, to be honest, I thought Bikini Chick wasn’t THAT bad.
    She can hold a note.

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