Sneak Peak at the NBC Fall Line Up (part two)

Um….what? The Bionic Woman? How about no. thank. you.

To be fair, here is a video interview with the executive producer David Eick.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am all for strong women. I love super heroes; I loved wonderwoman when I was a little girl. (still do) And I commend the level of physical training the lead actress Michelle Ryan has to endure.

But I cannot see me watching this show…ever.

Would you watch this? Is this keeping with the current fantasy sci-fi trend? Don’t you think NBC should stick with sitcoms! I sure do!

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at the NBC Fall Line Up (part two)

  1. I am just happy it isn’t another reality show. Who do we have to kill to get those off the air already????

  2. i’d watch it if i had a bionic buzz. why not just show reruns of the original? what’s next, The New Laverne & Shirley? i don’t remember any new versions of REAL classics that ever did as well with a new audience as the originals did.

  3. Leslie: I couldnt agree more. I am sick to death of reality TV, and I am sick to death of game shows, and the sci-fi stuff is just more than I can handle! where are all the GOOD sitcoms!

    Brookstone: bionic buzz is great! remakes of classics always blow, are networks really that OUT OF IDEAS? sadly it seems that way. and now with Scrubs and 30 Rock off NBC, i have little reasons to turn on the peacock!

  4. Sitcoms please. No more reality shows.
    Enough with the game shows too.
    Thanx for the warning.

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