Sneak Peak at ABC Fall Line Up (part two)

Okay! I think we might have something to look forward to! I have always been a fan of Christina Applegate. She has wowed me since back in the day of her rebel teenage years when starring as Kelly Bundy on Married With Children. This fall she will be starring in a new situation comedy on ABC.

Mondays at 9:30pm: SAM I AM

“How would you like to rewind your life, erase all the mistakes and cringe-worthy moments and start over with a clean slate? It’s a common fantasy. But for Samantha Newly (played by Christina Applegate), the fantasy is far too real. After a hit-and-run car accident puts her into an eight-day coma, she wakes up with retrograde amnesia. She can function in the world, but she can’t remember a single fact about her own life!”

After I watched THIS VIDEO I am seriously excited to see this show. And with a co-star like, Jean Smart as her mother, who refuses to give Sam any accurate facts about the past she is trying to remember, you cannot go wrong. Pairing up two female situation comedy divas together, now we are on the right track. Good call on this one ABC

If you could start over, would you do things differently? Could you do them differently? Can people change? Or are we just… who we are? Please let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at ABC Fall Line Up (part two)

  1. I love both those women especially Ms,Smart.
    this looks to be an interesting pair up. Oh and I almost forgot!!People can and do change and I am living proof of that. Then there are those fortunateand/ or unfortunate ones that will not change until the pain of their every day routine gets great enough for them to want to do something about it.
    I would comment more but the sun is calling my name on this beautiful day.Thanx for the heads up.

  2. I am so watching this not only becuase of Jean Smart, but because it actually looks good.

    Thanks for Sharing!!!

  3. I just watched the video and I guess ABC will actually have a show I will watched and like. I really do hope it turns out to be a good show.

  4. Jessica! See! I told you to hang in there with ABC. I am so psyched to see this… I am on the HUNT of other great ideas and wonderful casting such as “Sam I Am” for us to watch come fall… and dont worry!! In the meantime, I will do my best find things that are worthy to hold us over this summer! (even if it means sitcom classics on DVD)

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