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MeleVision will be bringing you the best and worst in Television. What to watch and what to avoid! From yester-year classics to today’s newest shows.

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With the newest viewing options; from cable and networks providing ondemand capabilities – to Smart TV’s and RoKu apps, such as: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime?

I’ve inevitably developed a sixth-sense.

For real, people.

I’ve been given a gift. Finding the most awesome television shows, ever.

Some people read fortunes, see the dead, or communicate with the other side. Other people provide stock options, develop retirement plans, or figure out super fancy shit with money. Some people learn. Some people teach. Some people have degrees. And some people just flip burgers or mop floors.

I am not any of those people.

I’m just a television junkie. Committed to all things TV since 1974.

And I am here to give you the inside info.

I’ll let you know when something is worthy of binge-watching. And I’ll give you the reasons why. I’ll let you know when something is NOT worthy of binge-watching. And I’ll give you those reasons why. Why? Because I’m nice like that.

So… Brew some coffee, or pour yourself a cocktail, and let’s watch too much TV, together, again!

Hope y’all enjoy my recommendations, as much as I enjoy watching these shows.


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